World Drops

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Description: World drop event has special drops on certain maps
Event Duration 30 mins
Map Drops
Kubera mine Steel of Heaven, W Coin Red, W Coin Blue, W Coin Gold, Ore of Level, Ore of Luck, Ore of Option, Ore of Skill, Ore of Ancient, Ore of Excellent, Ore of Socket
Atlans (1-3) Reborn Stones
Nars WPoints
Schorched Canyon Jewel Of Level, Jewel Of Luck, Jewel Of Option, Jewel Of Skill, Jewel Of Ancient, Jewel Of Excellent, Jewel Of Socket
Deep Atlans (1-3) Blossom event flowers, Frost items
Karutan2 Mithril Black
Nixie Lake Mithril Green
Ferea Mithril Red
Vulcanus Mithril Yellow
Uruk Mountain Mithril Blue
Swamp Of Darkness Zen token (Regular) (5kk Zen), Zen token (Medium) (10kk Zen), Zen token (Perfect) (15kk Zen) (These coins cannot be transferred.)
Swamp Of Calmness Golden Sentence
Land Of Trials Golden Box, Silver Box, Golden Key, Silver Key
Note Land Of Trials map is controlled by the Castle Owner(Guild Master).
Additional Information Increased drop rate on all maps.