Deep invasion

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Deep Invasion


  • Deep invasion monsters invaded a mainland of MU. Find and kill them for rewards!

Main iXit03013w.png Main ZncD0gneV6.png Main WSeaEukXr6.png Main wQ9woHESHE.png

Invasion Monsters Drop

Deep Veteran

Main iXit03013w.png
  • Legendary pet. (1pc)
  • Ores. (1pc)
  • Rune shards. (1pc)

Deep Hydra

Main ZncD0gneV6.png
  • Hydra Fragment. (1pc)
  • Mythical Book - 2 head cyclope. (1pc)

Captain Silver-Tongue

Main wQ9woHESHE.png
  • Lost Treasure Box. (1pc)

Mythical Book spawn

Two head cyclope

Main WSeaEukXr6.png
  • Cyclope Box. (1pc)

Box drop's

Cyclope Box

Main 1cvXCensmp.png
  • Ambition Shield. (1pc)
  • King's Honor. (1pc)
  • Painkiller Shield. (1pc)
  • Hero's Stand Shield. (1pc)
  • Conqueror Heater Shield. (1pc)
  • Interrogator Shield. (1pc)
  • Berg Shield. (1pc)
  • Final Favor Shield. (1pc)
  • Conqueror of the Emperor. (1pc)
  • Vengeance of Echoes Shield. (1pc)
  • Warlord's Aegis Shield. (1pc)
  • Night's Fall Shield. (1pc)
  • Knight's Fall Shield. (1pc)
  • Redemption Shield. (1pc)
  • Loyal Keeper Shield. (1pc)
  • Valkyrie Shield. (1pc)
  • Note shields have legendary synergy options!

Lost Treasure Chest

Main bSc3JbXVqU.png
  • BloodAngel Ring. (1pc)
  • BloodAngel Pendant. (1pc)
  • DarkAngel Ring. (1pc)
  • DarkAngel Pendant. (1pc)
  • HolyAngel Ring. (1pc)
  • HolyAngel Pendant. (1pc)
  • Awakening Soul Ring. (1pc)
  • Awakening Soul Pendant. (1pc)
  • Blue Eye Ring. (1pc)
  • Blue Eye Pendant. (1pc)
  • SilverHeart Ring. (1pc)
  • SilverHeart Pendant. (1pc)
  • Note rings have legendary synergy options!


Locations at following maps:

  • Deep Atlans 1 - Deep Veteran (5 monsters per invasion) Cordinate - Random
  • Deep Atlans 2 - Deep Hydra (1 monsters per invasion) Cordinate - 40x70
  • Deep Atlans 3 - Captain Silver-Tongue (1 monsters per invasion) Cordinate - 145x230

Event Times

  • 00:00
  • 12:00


In deep atlans when world drop is active. Drop a following items:

Deep Atlans 1

Frost armors - Non EXC!

Deep Atlans 2

Frost Armors and Weapons - NO EXC!

Deep Atlans 3

Frost Armors and Weapons - NO EXC! , divine book

NOTE! In deep atlans world drop there is some secret items!