Augmented pets

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Pet Augmentation


This page is focused how to make [AG] pets and fuse them later on to alot more powerfull Dambo pet [Fusion]

Where do you start ?

  • Firstly you will need to collect all the pets

Pets are dropped from Dambo King invasion.

There are 9 different pets that you need to gather.


Some Maps require VIP Status to enter

Quests are focused on Celestial & Demonic (Call of Ancestors)

How to make +15 pets ?

You will need to have multiple same pets Example shown below
Item combination success rate 40 %.
It will reset if combination isnt succesfull.
All 9 Level 2 Pets needs to be +15 in order to put Pet Augmentation rune

How to get Pet Augmentation rune ?

You will need to Complete 3 quests.

Wandering Merchant Zyro NPC First Quest in Lorencia at 133x134 Coordinates. Quest information in-game. Rewards Augment Scroll

Chronicle of Dambo King NPC Second Quest in Lorencia at 116x135 Coordinates. Quest information in-game. Rewards Dambo Chronicle.

Dambo Vindicator NPC Third Quest in Devias at 210x60 Coordinates. Quest information in-game.Rewards Pet augmentation rune.

Mino Level 2 Augment ready
MinoAG Fusion ready

After Complething the quests, simply put a Pet Augmentation rune into Level 2 +15 Pet

Forgotten Chamber

Fusion Vindicator NPC

Fusion Vindicator NPC is located at left bottom corner You need atleast 10 GR to enter Forgotten Chamber .

Forgotten Chamber Location LostTower 7 17x128

Forgotten Chamber is used to exchange 9 +15 [AG] pets to a fusion statue.

Schorched Canyon

Crywolf Vindicator NPC

To exchange Fusion statue go to Crywolf Vindicator NPC

To enter Schorched Canyon you must have 100 Resets.

In Schorched Canyon Fusion statue is exchanged to a Dambo pet [Fusion]

Dambo pet [Fusion]