Battlepass & Daily Rewards

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Battlepass & Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

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  • Daily Rewards are free for everyone.
  • Limited & Unlimited items.
  • Limited items are limited to 3days.
  • To receive rewards you need to log in and manually take the reward.
  • To receive special reward you need to log in everyday of the month.

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Battlepass Rewards

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  • VIP Only
  • The Stronger you get, the Better reward you get.
  • 10 Pages of Limited & Unlimited items.
  • Rewards -WCoins, WPoints, GPoints,Wings, Runes, Shards, Jewels and so on.
  • All pages have requiments with Resets & GrandResets
  • Stars currency can be earned with activities in-game.
  • Resets - 1 Star | GrandResets - 30 Star | Quests - 1 Star | MythicQuests 5 Star


  • These rewards are just an example of what you are able to receive to help you to progress in-game.
  • Rewards can be altered depending on future expansions and new items added.

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