Bloody Witch Queen Gray

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Description Bloody Witch Queen invaded the mainland of Mu. Find it and kill for rewards!

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Location Map - Gray Aida.
Coordinates 29x83, 67x140, 134x168, 185x166, 242x104

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Spawn Number 5 Each invasion
Drops Rare Item Ticket1, Rare Item Ticket2, Rare Item Ticket3, Rare Item Ticket4, Rare Item Ticket5, Rare Item Ticket6, Rare Item Ticket7, Rare Item Ticket8, Rare Item Ticket9, Rare Item Ticket10, Rare Item Ticket11, Crystal of Ancient, Crystal of Excellent, Crystal of Socket, Crystal of Level
Rare Item Ticket Exchanger Information Main neH0eW2Mk3.png
Ticket Level 1 Exchange Location: (131x125 - Lorencia)
Ticket Level 2 Exchange Location: (196x113 - Noria)
Ticket Level 3 Exchange Location: (20x214 - Elbeland)
Ticket Level 4 Exchange Location: (195x55 - Devias)
Ticket Level 5 Exchange Location: (23x14 - Atlans)
Ticket Level 6 Exchange Location: (211x82 - Losttower)
Ticket Level 7 Exchange Location: (211x82 - Tarkan)
Ticket Level 8 Exchange Location: (123x34 - Gray Aida)
Ticket Level 9 Exchange Location: (40x217 - Kanturu)
Ticket Level 10 Exchange Location: (67x181 - Kanturu 3)
Ticket Level 11 Exchange Location: (120x120 - Swamp of Darkness)
Note Event starts only one time per day - 23:55(GMT+3)