Enemy Family (PvP Gens System)

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Enemy Family (PvP Gens System)

Gens System - Two dominant clans came to the MU continent to conquer lands. With the arrival of Vanert and Duprin, a war broke out, a war between two warring families.


How do I join Gens?

You can join one of the families in Lorencia at Gens Duprian Steward or in Noria at Gens Vanert Steward approach one of the heads of the Gens families and start a dialogue with him. The Gens chapter will suggest you:

Gens quest.

  • Ask the clan master for information about the Gens.
  • Ask the clan master about the split of the continent into two families.
  • Join the Gens family.
  • Leave the Gens family.
  • Get information on Gens awards.
  • To enter Gens, you must have level 50 and select the 4th option, and to exit Gens, select the 5th option.
Gens info.png

How to start completing the quest

Gens quest.png

Gens Information Window the

Menu is called by pressing B

  • Level - your Rank in your Gens clan (for example, Duprian).
  • Gens Ranking is your rank within the family. Calculated from 1 to 14. The smaller the rank, the more influence you have in the family.
  • Gain Contribution - the amount of your contribution points.
  • And also your icon is displayed for each clan (V / D) and Rank. The lower the rank, the more beautiful the icon.

Battle zone

  • In these locations you cannot see the nicknames of the players, only lights and signs of allies and enemies
  • For kills in the war zone of an enemy family, you will not be credited with killer status
  • You don't need to hold down Ctrl to kill enemies
  • For each kill of an enemy you get Contribution Points, which can be viewed by clicking key "B".
  • You cannot bargain at these locations.
  • To enter the Battle Zone, you must be a Gens member.

How do families differ?

  • Warring families have differences in the lighting in the Battle Zone.
  • Blueallies are marked with color.
  • Red opponents are marked with color.
Enemy gens.png

What are the limitations when choosing a side?

  • To create a guild, you need to join Gens
  • A player can only be accepted into a guild from the same family
  • You cannot create an Alliance with guilds of another family
  • Can't declare war on guilds from the same family
  • Guild Master cannot leave the family without disbanding the guild
  • You can only be in a party with players of the same family
  • Non-family players can only play with non-family players

Rank and Top Gens

  • The personal contribution value of each player forms the in-game rating for each family. Conventionally, this rating can be divided into two parts: meeting the requirements for contribution and promotion in the hierarchy by increasing the number of contributions:
Gens rank.png