Marathon Event

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Marathon Event


  • Marathon event is a perfect opportunity to get a most value rewards in the game!

Marathon NPC

  • Marathon event NPC's looking like this:

Main b7EJJQqWfo.png Main tVLvwHDxlw.png Main SHaMNvYJGX.png

Marathon Event Information

  • Finish all npc requirements to get a prize!

Main qkE3gLggSv.png

Each NPC will give you a different locations to meet a new npc. The last one will give you a reward! By a prizeman number.

Event start - noria 185x104

First place

Main in22wsIMKT.png

Second place

Main enhcQF9jgw.png

Third place

Main efQIDg2V5D.png


  • Rewards is limited time - for 3days!