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The pentagram is activated by right clicking the mouse



  • Pentagram Scroll

Increases critical damage by + 10%

  • Pentagram Weapon

Increases excellent damage by + 10%

  • Pentagram Shield

Increases maximum HP by 10000 Increases maximum SD by 5000

  • Pentagram Elixir

Increases maximum MP by 1500 Increases maximum AG by 500

  • Pentagram ancient

Increases item drop rate by 50%


The creation of Pentagram takes place in the Chaos Machine.

To create the Pentagram, you will need Mithril items.

  • Mithril Black can be knocked out of monsters in the Karutan2 location
  • Mithril Red can be knocked out of the monsters in the Ferea location
  • Mithril Green drop can be knocked out of the monsters in the Nixie Lake location
  • Mithril Blue drop can be knocked out from monsters in the Uruk Mountain location
  • Mithril Yellow can be knocked out of the monsters in the Vulcanus Lake location

Note! Mithril materials will drop only during World drop event!

Chaos machine recipe


  • Amount of zen: 100,000,000 | Success rate: 100%


  • Amount of zen: 150,000,000 | Success rate: 90%


  • Amount of zen: 250,000,000 | Success rate: 70%


  • Amount of zen: 350,000,000 | Success rate: 60%


  • Amount of zen: 500,000,000 | Success rate: 50%

Pentagram Shield / Pentagram Elixir cant be using at the same moment!