Rage Fighter

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Rage Fighter

Rage Fighteris a new MUonline character that appeared with the release of season 6. You can create it after pumping any available character to lvl 400. The default is 7 stats per level. The peculiar appearance gives him away as a representative of power structures. A clear competitor to DK. Contact combat specialist. And for this in his arsenal there are specific weapons in the form of advanced mechanized gloves with special effects. There are only three types of this weapon. These are Sacred Glove, Holly Storm Claw, Piercing Blade Glove. In the simplest version, that is, with +0 sharpening and not EXE, a character, for example Sacred Glove, can be worn by lvl 30, Holly Storm Claw after lvl 53, and Piercing Blade Glove after lvl 81. depending on the layout of the stats. They can be dressed in pairs and one at a time, interspersed. They are put into slots where weapons and shields are usually inserted. When putting on each of the gloves, individual skills become available. If the gloves are different, then two skills will be available. Each has its own special effects and characteristics. But the main thing that all three types of gloves have in common is that they work like boxing gloves. That is, the character thrashes them at the victim with excellent speed, in close contact.

Max Stats

  • Max Strength - 65000
  • Max Agility - 65000
  • Max Vitality - 65000
  • Max Energy - 65000
  • Max Attack Speed - 465


  • Increase Block

This buff can increase defense rate of allies The more Energy one has the more durable and effective this buff is.

  • Ignore Defense

This buff can ignore defense of enemies. This buff can be applied for only the buff user The more Energy one has the more durable this buff is.

Dragon roar.gif
  • Dragon Roar

The power of Holy animal “Dragon” can be brought and give high damage to enemies in a certain range.

  • Chain Drive

After a flying kick, delivers a blow By hitting fast, makes enemies slow.

Dark side.gif
  • Dark Side

Attack fast surrounding enemies Enemies in a certain range can be affected.

Dragon slash.gif
  • Dragon Slasher

Delivers a heavy flying kick Attack the weak point of enemies so damage to shield and HP of enemies..

  • Increase Health

This buff can increase Health of allies The more Energy points one has the more durable this buff is.

  • Phoenix Shot

Deliver a heavy blow Make enemies staggered.

Killing drive.gif
  • Killing Blow

Deliver shower of blow on enemies. Give enemies fear so that the abilities of enemies will decrease.

Combo & Extensive Skill

Chain drive.jpg

  • Chain drive - Elemental : Ice

Dark side.jpg

  • Dark Side - Elemental : Wind

Dragon roar.jpg

  • Dragon Roar - Elemental : Earth