Stone of Reborn

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Stone of reborn.png

Stone of Reborn


  • In order to make a reset or grand reset you need to get this material(And default cost of zen).

Where to get?

  • You can obtain it in | Lunar rabits | Fortune pounch | Ghosts | Skeleton King | Online Lorencia Lottery | Evomon | - Events
  • You can obtain it in | Zaikan | Death beam Knight | Balrog | - Mini bosses
  • You can obtain it via | Daily quests | Regular quests(first 100) | - Quest System
  • Via Cash shop - For | Goblin points | W coin P | W coins | - X shop(In Game Shop)


  • Please remember when you making a reset or grand reset look at your zen! If you dont have enough your Stone of Reborn will dissapear without reset or grand reset!