The Cursed Tower

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The Cursed Tower


  • Cursed tower is a event who let to summon - Avalon World Boss. Lets take a look:

Exchanger NPC

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NPC Requirement

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  • Reward

Mythical book

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Event Time

Once per week - Tuesday 20:17

Tower to hunt

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-Spawn at lorencia - 3 Towers per event.


Cursed Tower

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  • Cultist Water(Green) Cultist Water(Grey) Cultist Water(Orange) Cultist Water(Pink) 1pc.
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World Boss


World boss appear when you drop a mythical book from inventory on the ground.(You get one from Akura The Ritualist npc when you collect all the quest Requirement)

World Boss drop

World Boss

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  • World Boss Box
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  • World Boss Box drop all best items in the game even a blessed runes