Traveler's Pledge

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Travelers pledge Quest


  • In order to travel in deep atlans you must complete the following quest(each time):


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NPC Requirement

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  • Reward

Traveller Ring&Amulet

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Where to use it?

  • After you complete a quest with Traveller Ring and Amulet you can access to the Deep Atlans
  • Reward

Travel to the deep NPC

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  • Location - Atlans 238x07

Travel to the deep NPC

Spawn Time

  • 01:36(GMT+3)
  • 03:36(GMT+3)
  • 05:36(GMT+3)
  • 07:36(GMT+3)
  • 09:36(GMT+3)
  • 11:36(GMT+3)
  • 13:36(GMT+3)
  • 15:36(GMT+3)
  • 17:36(GMT+3)
  • 19:36(GMT+3)
  • 21:36(GMT+3)
  • 23:36(GMT+3)