VIP Info

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How to become a VIP

Buying In-Game VIP Packs/Buying in Web Shop

VIP Pack Durations -
1 Day | 7 Days | 1 Month

Killing a Red Dragon monster in-game.

You will receive a 24-Hour VIP

VIP Benefits

New Maps.

Areas for VIP Only.

BattlePass system.

Daily Rewards system.

More experience.

Bigger drop rate. (Especially on World Drops)

Able to safely leave AFK in certain VIP Maps with NO-PK.

VIP Quests.

Exclusive Arkania teleport banners.

Kaleidoscope System.

Access to Future Expansions. (Guaranteed)

Legacy Pet Picker (Global Based)

Cheaper Personalization 350GP ( Non-VIP 750 GP) (Ctrl+alt+ Right Click on item to change colors)

Mu-Online Helper/Bot 1kk zen to start. (Non-VIP 10kk zen)

You can save Stats builds(3 slots avaible), to quickly add them up.