VIP Info

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VIP Status

How do you become a VIP
* Buying In-Game VIP Packs/Buying in Web Shop.
Bought VIP Pack Durations -
1 Day | 7 Days | 1 Month
Free way to get a VIP
* Killing a Red Dragon monster in-game.
You will receive a 24-Hour VIP

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VIP Benefits

* New Maps.
* Areas for VIP Only.
* BattlePass system.
* More experience.
* Bigger drop rate. (Especially on World Drops)
* Able to safely leave AFK in certain VIP Maps with NO-PK.
* VIP Quests.
* Exclusive Arkania teleport banners.
* Kaleidoscope System.
* Access to Future Expansions. (Guaranteed)
* Legacy Pet Picker (Global Based)
* Cheaper Personalization 350GP ( Non-VIP 750 GP) (Ctrl+alt+ Right Click on item to change colors)
* Mu-Online Helper/Bot 1kk zen to start. (Non-VIP 10kk zen)
* You can save Stats builds(3 slots avaible), to quickly add them up.