Temple Of Arnil

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Temple Of Arnil

Temple Of Arnil Story

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The Arnil Temple is a large temple that enshrined the vampire god Arnil (Lemuria) of the Mu continent.

It is an ultra-large temple that existed during the ancient empire of the Mu continent. It was the most beautiful temple among the buildings, but it is now a disastrous building that has been broken and desolate.

The Temple of Arnil at that time was built by several renowned priests, The vast majority of citizens, both nobles and indigenous peoples, followed the priests and served the evil vampire god Arnil as a good god.

The priests who built the Temple of Arnil knew that Arnil was a demon. Nevertheless, the reason that they made and served temples was because they were’demons’ disguised as humans. In order to develop evil powers, people were tricked into building temples and made them to worship evil spirits. With that fact completely hidden, the size of the temple only grows. One day, the evil spirit Sekneum appeared on the continent At that point, Arnil’s priests make evil plans and hold a large rally in the temple. When the rally brought more than half of the people of the Mu continent together

The priests returned to their original form and killed everyone and used it as a sacrifice to awaken the vampire god Arnil.

Thanks to this, Arnil appeared on the Mu continent Soon he becomes Lemuria and becomes the person responsible for resurrecting the sealed evil deity Sekneum, that is, Kundun. Since then, the Temple of Arnil has been destroyed, Some remaining under the command of Kundun have made the temple their home for many years. It is only waiting for the day Kundun will occupy the Mu continent.

Temple Of Arnil Monsters
  • Temple Gremlin

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  • Temple Gargoyle

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  • Temple Ogre

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  • Monster Boss Sekneum <- Click On the link for more information.


Location of Temple Of Arnil
  • Location of Temple Of Arnil is unknow, only the highest caliber of Warriors knows where it's located Like Marathon Scent NPC.
  • You will need to find Marathon Scent NPC to find Temple Of Arnil.

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  • NPC Located at Noria 169x109
  • Temple Of Arnil has alot of Mythic Quests which rewards 1000 WCoins each.
  • You can enter to Temple of Arnil from 21 GR.
  • You need two items to get in Temple Of Arnil .
  • Items are - Manticore Shield & Dambo Pet[Fusion]. ( More info about Dambo Pet[Fusion] on Augmented pets . )